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5 Reasons to Buy Estate Jewelry
5 Reasons to Buy Estate Jewelry

In a world flooded by a newer is better ethos, it can be difficult to find the right product to fit your needs. Fortunately, estate jewelry offers a large variety of styles to fit any personality and any budget. Savvy fashionistas know that estate jewelry can be a blessing for a girl on a budget, or for the girl who likes her accessories look to be as original and individual as she is. Here’s our list of the top five reasons to buy estate:

Cartier Love Earrings 

1. Estate jewelry is pre-owned and because of this, it is often sold at a more advantageous price than newly manufactured pieces. The product is the same, but estate jewelry allows for even the most contemporary of items by high end designers to frequently be priced well enough for the most modest of consumers.

Art Deco Style Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Art Deco Style Sapphire and Diamond Ring

2. Unlike other products, jewelry has a durability which makes it a lasting investment. Though minor repairs might be necessary over time, the precious metals and gemstones that form fine pieces of jewelry can last throughout a lifetime. Estate items are often indistinguishable from brand new pieces, and a modicum of care will ensure that your jewelry remains in good condition.

Antique Georgian Spinel and Diamond Cross

Antique Georgian Spinel and Diamond Cross

3. The category of “estate” jewelry spans pieces made over the course of multiple centuries. Basically, anything pre-owned qualifies as estate. Whether the item is an antique Georgian parure from the 18th century or a glamorous Art Deco brooch, estate jewelry encompasses all eras and design periods. Collectors of vintage or antique items will find truly special pieces that are both wearable and fascinating as mementos from bygone years.

Engraved Retro Lorgnettes in 14K

Engraved Retro Lorgnettes in 14K

4. Every single item of estate jewelry has a special history and provenance. Whether the piece belonged to a famous star or not, there is a history and depth to estate jewelry that brand new items do not have. Vintage pieces are often engraved with romantic messages that capture a moment of love that has been lost to time and when you wear one of these pre-owned items, you are becoming a part of a larger history.

Edwardian Diamond and Demantoid Garnet Brooch

5. Vintage and antique items tend to feature very good quality and an attention to detail that is missing in many of the mass-manufactured items available in retail today. Painstaking workmanship and intricate design work mean that each piece of jewelry is a unique object of art indicative of both a specific aesthetic and the artist whose hands crafted the item. Rather than the dime-a-dozen designs that crowd the market, estate jewelry is as special and singular as its owner.

So, whether you’re looking to start a Retro collection, own a piece of history from the Victorian era or just find that perfect Cartier panther you’ve been dreaming of, estate jewelry is the ideal way to improve your jewelry box – without breaking the bank.


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