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Industry Insider: Micah Schifman

Industry Insider: Micah Schifman

Micah Schifman understands the nuances of the entertainment industry. Having worked on movie sets assisting directors and producers and then going on to head up the VIP dressing departments of coveted brands like Diane von Furstenberg and Lanvin, Schifman’s unique perspective on Hollywood primed him for the machine that is the red carpet and his current role as stylist to the stars.

He’s worked with glamorous fashion darlings like Diane Kruger and sartorial risk takers such as Sarah Silverman and, regardless of who he is dressing, it’s the person and their own style that really come through rather than just trying to chase a trend.

He more than meets his clients halfway, learning about what they love (and don’t) and sometimes building an entire look around a single accessory that the star is set on wearing.

Whether it’s shoes or jewelry, the approach is a testament to how much Schifman loves the look of a great necklace, ring or earrings.

Here he explains how his love of jewelry started and how his appreciation of glamour took him from the Midwest to dressing major Hollywood names.

When did your love of jewelry begin?

Since I was a child growing up in Kansas, I remember loving clothes and jewelry. I’ve always gravitated towards clothing and have been forever interested in how people accessorized their looks. It seems like a tiny detail when people take time to select a piece of jewelry to wear and elevate their outfit each day, but I’ve always really appreciated the thought and care it takes to finish a look, it comes out in their confidence. Plus, it just ups the glamour factor and that’s always a good thing.

I have a vivid first memory of jewelry. My mom had this pair of crystal earrings and whenever she would get dressed up for a night out, I would sit with her in her dressing room and always suggest she wear the crystal drops I loved so much.

Do you have a favorite era that you’re most drawn to?

As fashion is so cyclical, my tastes are the same way. I am always loving a different decade but at the moment it’s all about jewelry from the 1980s.

Movies like Pretty Woman and Elizabeth Taylor’s endless love of diamonds are informing my current aesthetic.

Where does jewelry come into your process when dressing clients?

Jewelry is always at the top of the priority list for me after choosing a look. Shoes and bags are, of course, important, but jewelry is usually something that frames the face and can be much more important than the frock itself, as the face is really what people looking for and noticing first.

The white agate and diamond drop earrings from Beladora that I placed on Isla Fisher are a recent favorite that made the whole look. They are truly timeless but have a touch of that ’80s glamour. Plus, they framed her face so perfectly and made a statement with her simple, strapless dress.

Who are some of your go-to brands and why?

I love the classics! Cartier, Bulgari, Chopard… That’s why Beladora is such a great place for me to pull from, they have some of everything! I also love diamonds, and I’m a big fan of Norman Silverman. When I’m looking for color, Irene Neuwirth always has amazing pieces.

You recently designed your own ring, is design something you would be interested in pursuing?

Designing my own ring was so much fun. Designing, to me, is the most satisfying part of this business. It’s so much easier having something made custom, rather than searching for what you have in your mind in a store or showroom.

As a stylist it’s amazing to be able to execute your vision whether that’s with existing pieces or doing something custom. There are infinite possibilities with jewelry and I absolutely love getting in there and creating something new and personal especially when utilizing older materials.


The pieces Micah Schifman can’t stop thinking about:

Mid-Century Diamond Cluster Ring in Platinum

Mid-Century Diamond Cluster Ring in Platinum

Love this mid-century ring! A diamond cluster with many different cuts of diamond always catches my eye.

Diamond Dangle Earrings in Platinum

Diamond Dangle Earrings in Platinum

Again, I love mixing cuts of diamonds in one piece. These earrings are gorgeous!

Diamond Dangle Earrings in Platinum

Jade and Diamond Ring in 18K Gold

I’ve pulled this ring several times. The jade is so stunning. I have yet to place it on a client, but I keep pulling it because I know it needs to have a red carpet moment. If not, I’ll wear it myself!

Mid-Century Diamond Line Bracelet in Platinum

From the Beladora Archives: Mid-Century Diamond Line Bracelet in Platinum

I love the structure and strength of this bracelet.

Antique Georgian Foiled Black Dot Paste Rivière Necklace in Silver and 14K

From the Beladora Archives: Antique Georgian Foiled Black Dot Paste Rivière Necklace in Silver and 14K

I love this Georgian necklace. It’s so simple, clean and gorgeous!

Pair of Antique Victorian Mesh Bracelets in 14K Gold

Mesh bracelets are so fun and can add a little edge to a classic look.

Beladora Bespoke Old-cut Diamond Earrings in Platinum

These are the perfect drops. I’ve placed these on a client before, one that tends to shy away from major diamonds. These were perfectly understated and beautiful.

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