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Industry Insider: Alison Edmond

Industry Insider: Alison Edmond

Photo: Stephanie Keenan, courtesy of Alison Edmond

While fashion trends can often be fleeting, the truly talented individuals who create the imagery and desirable trends that make our imaginations (and often, earnings) fly with delight are anything but.

One of these fashion industry icons, whose talent touches many of the images we see on major magazine covers, advertisements and celebrity ensembles, is Alison Edmond.

Edmond is currently the fashion director at C Magazine (including C Men, C Home, and C Weddings.) She is also the fashion editor at large for Marie Claire US, and contributes to Elle UK and Net a Porter’s The Edit and Porter, amongst other magazines. In addition, she is the Ambassador for British Fashion in Los Angeles for The British Fashion Council, and a Trustee to the Bazaar Arts / Fashion Fund.

A native of England, Edmond got her start as the art coordinator and soon after, fashion editor, at British Vogue under Anna Wintour. She moved to the US as the west coast editor of Harpers Bazaar magazine for several years until returning to England to become creative and fashion director of Harpers & Queen (which in 2006 returned to its original name, Harpers Bazaar).

Needless to say, Edmond is a seasoned veteran of the industry, highly respected for her brilliant eye and charming disposition. Her talent at mixing the ease and glamour of California with boundary pushing fashion trends is always visually arresting and sartorially inspiring.

Here, the stylist and creative director shares her thoughts on personal style, true luxury and of course, jewelry.

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What do you consider a true luxury?

I think time! Life moves so quickly, time to stop, think and take it all in is a treasured luxury for me.

What is your greatest extravagance?

I’m not particularly extravagant, but I do believe that jewelry is a great, long lasting investment, so if I am going to splurge, it’s most likely on a gorgeous ring!

What is your most treasured piece of jewelry and why?

I have three rings that I wear every day without fail – my wedding ring, an eternity ring that my husband bought me after the birth of our first child, and then a vintage diamond ornate ring that I found and he bought when we hit 25 years together! I wake up in the night worrying where these rings are if they’re not on my fingers or my bedside!

Have you always been a big jewelry fan? Can you recall the first time or piece that hooked you?

Yes! I think in my teens it was all about huge dangling earrings! Then I switched more to rings, which I still obsess over. I have very long fingers so I like a large ring and have a pretty extensive collection.

Your covers and work are exquisite. To what extent does jewelry play a role?

Thank you! I think jewelry can make or break a story. Sometimes it’s more suited to just add minimal, simple pieces, and sometimes it works to really layer it all on! But whichever way, I don’t think I ever do a shoot with NO jewelry!

Who are some of your favorite fashion and jewelry designers?

At the moment I am obsessed with David Webb – I think the pieces are just exquisite and amazing to shoot. I also love Sylvie Corbelin out of Paris. And for simplicity I love Jennifer Meyer and Jennifer Fisher. Fashion wise, I am a die-hard Haider Ackermann fan.

Ever see a piece of jewelry that truly took your breath away? What was it and why?

I go to the jewelry fair in Vegas every June, and there are often pieces that blow me away. Sometimes it’s a crazy creative piece from Van Cleef and Arpels, that I could never wear, but the craftsmanship is extraordinary. Or sometimes it’s a piece that I covet, simpler and every day wearable.

Diamonds or emeralds?

Diamonds always … although I do have an emerald ring of my grandmothers that I treasure.

White, rose or yellow gold?

I love to mix white gold and yellow gold; I wear them both every day.

Do you like jewelry worn all stacked and layered or pretty minimal?

I think it totally depends on your personality, and your outfit. Some days it’s great to layer and go for it, other days simple is beautiful.

Do you wear the same jewelry everyday or love to constantly switch out?

I wear the same rings every day except on my fourth finger right hand! That’s the finger that I change daily, dependent on where I’m going. I wear a chain necklace with three tiny rings on it to symbolize my kids, and a tiny gold Om sign that my husband bought me, which I love as a sign of unity. And earrings, same most days, but I have another great selection that comes out in the evening!

Do you have a style mantra? If so, what is it and why?

Know yourself, and wear what suits your personality. Clothes (and jewelry) should never wear you. Only follow a trend if it works for YOU!


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