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Sometimes the pieces we love can’t be found … so we decided to create Beladora Bespoke: new jewels crafted from vintage material in utterly new ways to achieve classic, timeless looks with a twist.

From time to time wonderful diamonds and other precious stones come to us set in dated or poorly made settings and we take those beautiful old-cut stones with their glorious vintage attributes and remake them into chic, wearable pieces for a new generation. Sometimes we may love a vintage setting, but want to adapt some other aspect of the jewel to make it more divine. Styles can and do change. Beladora Bespoke enables us to create fresh looks using beloved vintage materials.

Every piece is custom-made, by hand, in Los Angeles, by the very best jewelers in the business. We supervise every aspect of the design and manufacture so you can rely on our experienced eye for superb quality and craftsmanship.

Call it whimsy. Call it sustainable design. We believe in keeping what’s good. Repurposing under the auspices of Beladora Bespoke allows for boundless possibilities. Please watch as we add to our collection.

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