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True Blues - Virtuous Virgo and The Sapphire

Van Cleef and Arpels Sapphire Camellia Earrings

“S” is for September – and sapphires, the September birthstone! This precious gemstone, the sister-stone to the ruby, has a long history rife with mysticism and renown. A type of corundum, the sapphire comes in a variety of colors with the exclusion of red (red corundum being the ruby). These colored variations – pink, black, yellow, green, colorless, purple, orange and a special orange-pink called a Padparadscha – are often used to add bright chromatic tones to jewelry. Still, when speaking of the sapphire, the hue that immediately springs to mind is a rich blue.

Yellow Sapphire and Diamond ring

Exquisite Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Blue sapphires themselves come in a variety of shades from rich cobalt to a pale sky color. Due to the vibrant yet pure blue tones, the sapphire has been linked historically to purity. Whereas the fiery ruby was thought to exacerbate emotions such as lust and anger, the sapphire was supposed to have a soothing influence. Wearing the stone conferred divine favor onto kings and warriors and protected the bearer from the envy of others. Furthermore, the purity of the sapphire was thought to expose fraud and false virtue.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

No Heat Sapphire and Diamond Ring by Scott Kay

The divine nature of the sapphire is amplified in star sapphires. Cut in a specific manner that takes advantage of the crystalline structure of the corundum, a star sapphire reveals a six limbed star – formed of three crossed lines – when light is shone on the stone. It was believed that the three lines represented the intersection of hope, faith and destiny.

Yet, sapphires are not the only virtuous thing about September. Represented by the figure of the Virgin, September’s dominant Zodiac sign, the Virgo, is perhaps one of the more virtuous signs of the Zodiac. Dutiful, practical and considerate, Virgo are usually concerned with doing what is right – usually in the most efficient manner possible. People born under this sign pride themselves on their intellectual acuity and tend to be good students and highly competent workers. However, the methodical, detail-oriented and righteous nature of this sign means that they can come off as both picky and prudish – though the Virgo would likely tell you that they are discerning rather than picky, and virtuous rather than repressed.

Sapphire Bracelet

Vintage Sapphire Bracelet

Virgos are similar to sapphires in ways besides their relationships to virtuousness. The industrious Virgo is a model of efficiency at whatever they are tasked with. These folks are much more than just a pretty face! Interestingly, sapphires too have more to offer than their beauty as gemstones. The particular crystalline nature of the sapphire has made it an important industrial tool (though, of course, natural sapphires would be very expensive so synthetic versions are used instead). These stones have wonderful optical qualities making them useful in lasers as well as conductive properties. These conductive properties are especially good for high-frequency radio waves – as in cellular phones. Sapphires and sapphire products are scratch-resistant, and often transparent and therefore have many applications including being used as the clear crystals on watches.

David Morris Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire Earrings

Whether your birthstone is the sapphire, or you are simply a fan of these beautiful blues, sapphire jewelry always makes a statement.

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