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Trianon Jewelry

trianon cufflinks

If you fancy Seaman Schepps' shell jewelry, you will likely covet many of Trianon’s pieces. More diminutive and perhaps more precious, they are delightful riffs on a central theme. The firm, founded in 1980s, is New York City-based and it manufactures in the city, as well. While the line is limited largely to earrings, necklaces, and men’s dress sets, there is extraordinary variety within those categories.

The jewelry is set almost exclusively in 18K gold, yet there is an astonishing diversity in the semi-precious stones and the striking shells — including, tooth, paristernia, cowrie, nautilus, conus ebraus, imperialis, magpie, and spidermoon — used for the ever-popular earrings and cufflinks, each a little treasure unto itself. When embellished with stones, such as topaz, citrine, rock crystal, Labradorite, and other colorful staccato notes of color, each pair of earrings becomes a lyrical symphony of haute design. The same is true of the cufflinks, which are crafted from ebony, pearls, exotic burled and burnished woods, and colorful stones. The designs are endlessly ingenious considering all are variations on a theme. The company is constantly evolving its offerings so expect always to see more imaginative refrains on the essential melody.

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