The Top 5 Reasons for Bringing Back the Brooch

Wing Diamond Brooch in Platinum and 14K White Gold

The brooch has arguably earned a reputation for appearing a little dusty, something your grandmother or second grade teacher might wear pinned near the neckline of a delicate cardigan or to the lapel of a boxy blazer.

Yet the brooch is anything but antiquated. Though it does have an incredibly extensive history (think: early man), both vintage and modern versions of the brooch still look and feel relevant today, especially among current fashion trends.

From having outright impressive origins to appearing all over recent runways, here are our top 5 reasons to #bringbackthebrooch.

Brooches in Harpers Bazaar March 2016

Beladora brooches featured in Harpers Bazaar March 2016

Pop Art Chic — With Emoji-style expression being all the rage in fashion and street style right now, brooches are the perfect way to add more color and personality to a denim jacket, sweatshirt or bag — particularly the Pop Art style versions popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

Reminder of Man’s Resourcefulness — The first known brooches are from the Bronze Age when men most likely used an early form of the brooch to fasten clothing like a cape or loincloth.

Macabre Mementos — Starting in the 18th century, brooches were used as keepsakes for the living and an expression of mourning for the dead. Hair was often incorporated into one side of a brooch with a picture of a loved one on the opposite side.

An All-Around Accessory — Brooches often serve dual purpose as timeless hair ornaments, particularly for a wedding or special event.

Scarf Set — Scarves of all lengths are still a very on-trend accessory and what better way to evolve the look than with a brooch punctuating the knot of a tied scarf or even the center of a fabric choker.

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