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Jean Mahie — The Creative Genius

Jean Mahie — The Creative Genius

Jean Mahie is a name that, when mentioned, will cause the face of any true jewelry collector to light up. Jean Mahie pieces are highly coveted for their unique, handcrafted design. No two pieces are the same, something the designing duo behind the name takes special pride in. Jean Mahie designs are not meant for the meek: they are bold and meant to defy trends and the more modern techniques of design in favor of a rustic, hand-crafted look reminiscent of pieces dating back to antiquity.

Jean Mahie is actually a partnership between Jacline Mazard and her father-in-law, Jean Mazard. Jacline displayed an unusual artistic talent from a young age. She grew up in Carthage, Tunisia, and took an early interest in art and design, largely inspired by the ancient Roman ruins in her country. She mainly painted but also learned basic blacksmithing techniques from the local blacksmith as well. Years later, she married and continued to paint as a means of earning income. Her artistic talent was quickly noticed by her father-in-law, Jean Mazard, who used his experience as a successful businessman to help channel Jacline’s talents into a successful jewelry line. Rather than undergoing professional training, the two preferred to develop their own jewelry making techniques so as to maintain a highly individual style of design, one that is distinctly rugged and refreshingly primitive. Acknowledging that these designs suit a very particular aesthetic, the team has successfully resisted modifying the designs to appeal to a wider market.

Jean Mahie Amethyst Bead and Gold Necklace

Design firms such as Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier took an early interest in the Jean Mahie line, but the designers wished to maintain creative control over their designs and production, again wishing to maintain a very particular style and for each piece to be entirely unique from prior designs. Eventually, they chose to distribute their line exclusively through Neiman Marcus after being wooed by Stanley Marcus, who happened to notice somebody wearing a Jean Mahie creation at a New York dinner party. With the help of Neiman Marcus, the Jean Mahie line achieved a cult following throughout Europe and the United States.

A piece by Jean Mahie is unique, one-of-a-kind, a true work of art. Few current designs can compare in terms of vision, craftsmanship and quality. All pieces are crafted in 22k yellow gold and the finest of materials and no two Jean Mahie pieces are the same. Jean Mahie designs are reflective of everyday inspiration as well as those of the ancient past.

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