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Industry Insider: Ilaria Urbinati

Industry Insider: Ilaria Urbinati

Photo: Eric Ray Davidson, courtesy of Ilaria Urbinati

Red carpet glamour has traditionally been synonymous with women’s clothing while the men are quickly panned over and taken for granted as clad in a “typical” black tux or dark suit.

That is of course, until celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati entered the styling world after working as a fashion buyer and storeowner, and changed the game for the red carpet, Hollywood and for men’s fashion in general, showing the world that style is much more than a pretty gown and a pair of heels. And that men’s fashion has endless possibilities as long as people are willing to have a little fun with it.

Photo: @ilariaurbinati

For Urbinati, who dresses Tom Hiddleston, Bradley Cooper, Casey Affleck, Donald Glover, Damien Chazelle, James Marsden and Rami Malek (as well as some ladies like Nina Dobrev and Shailene Woodley), there is always a bit of fun and plenty of attention to detail that comes through in each suit, tux or casual look she puts together for a client.

A lot of those details lie, yes, in the impeccable tailoring she makes sure to apply to each piece, but in the accessories like boldly colored cuff links, a tie bar and always a stunning watch.

Here, the stylist, who ranked an impressive #6 on this year’s Most Powerful Stylist List as put out by The Hollywood Reporter, shares her favorite jewelry looks and the brands she loves to dress her clients in when hitting the red carpet.

What kind of jewelry do you gravitate toward personally?

Very simple minimal jewelry that I don’t have to take off when I sleep
But I also really love a big oversized waspy diamond stud earring for a night out or thrown on with a cashmere sweater and jeans

Who are your favorite designers?

For women: Cartier, Bulgari, Made Her Think. For men: Montblanc, David Yurman

Have you always been a fan of estate and vintage pieces? Any specific era you love most?

I love it for my clients for red carpet. I love a big color statement. When I was younger I worked for Christie’s auction house and one of the auctions I did was the Antique Jewelry auction and there was a sapphire ring from the 30’s I still dream about to this day.

Do you tend to use estate pieces in your work as well?

For big awards shows and things like the Met Ball I love the statement a vintage color piece will make.

With dressing so many of Hollywood’s leading men, do you find it easy or a challenge to incorporate jewelry into their look(s)?

I love a little man jewelry. A little vintage chain peeking out around the neck, a simple masculine ring or two, and always a watch – As long as it’s simple, masculine, and never too much. And for tuxes, I love cufflinks, shirt studs, and of course a watch, and sometimes a lapel pin.

Do you recall a favorite jewelry moment when dressing one of your male clients?

I loved the Montblanc Shakespeare cufflinks Tom Hiddleston wore to the Emmys.

What pieces are you coveting now?

For women, I love: anything with a big chain, any kind of choker, anything with a pearls/diamonds combo. For men, I love a cufflink in a rich color like green or red mixed with gold.

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