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Lavender Jade and Diamond Pendant

Recently, the art world was stunned with several major sales at various auction houses. Famed Pop artist Andy Warhol’s “Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)” sold for $105.4 million dollars at Sotheby’s NYC auction on November 13 while Post-War artist Francis Bacon’s Lucien Freud triptych broke records on November 12 with a sale price of $142.4 million.

But, not all artwork needs to be hung on a wall to be appreciated. Besides creating beautiful, wearable items, many jewelers are also known for their artisanship and artistic designs. From famed designers such as Jean Mahie or Elizabeth Gage to the powerhouse Tiffany and Cartier companies, jewelers are responsible for creating some of the most ideal and delightful pieces of art — that you can easily adorn yourself with. Here are some of our favorite pieces of jewelry that double as art!



Amitai Kav Freeform Art Necklace

Israeli artist Amitai Kav has been creating organic and sculptural designs for decades. These often abstract pieces are marvels of craftsmanship and art that step outside the ordinary.


Elizabeth Gage Carved Sodalite and Ruby Pendant

Elizabeth Gage is well-known and well-loved for her medieval and renaissance inspired designs. Taking a cue from the artifacts of those eras, Gage crafts modern designs with bright colors that make bold and artistic statements.


From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Cartier Necklace/Belt

World-renowned design firm Cartier is recognized as one of the finest jewelry companies in the world. Best known for their iconic panthers, the Cartier brand has also crafted intricate, artistic designs such as this vintage necklace – that doubles as a belt! Big, bold and brilliant, this is the acme of avant-garde style.



Michael Bondanza Diamond Earrings

Award-winning designer Michael Bondanza is known for incorporating naturalistic materials and motifs into his fine jewelry. Masterfully towing the line between whimsical and wearable, these elegant earrings feature a serpentine motif of yellow gold framed by a platinum backdrop.


From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Jean Mahie Earrings

The masters of art jewelry, Jean Mahie draws upon primeval themes to bring ancient artifacts to brilliant life. Utilizing high karat gold in abstract designs, each Mahie piece is a unique work that will please collectors of fine art as well as collectors of fine jewelry.

Denise Roberge Rubellite Earrings

Denise Roberge Rubellite and Pearl Earrings

Hand-crafted by California based artisan Denise Roberge, these freeform earrings defy the strictures of highly structured design to create a warm and breezy feel. Bright color and a touch of asymmetry combine to form wearable pieces for the woman who wants to stand out.


Tiffany & Co. Frank Gehry Cuff Bracelet

Designed by famed architect Frank Gehry and crafted by the master jewelers of Tiffany and Company, this voluptuous cuff bracelet provides the best of both worlds. Stunning, statement-making and still sensual, this bracelet is bound to please.


From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Modernist Cuff Bracelet

Funky, and thoroughly fresh-feeling, this cool vintage Modernist cuff bracelet is a unique style. Staggered lines of yellow gold connect into a chic coil that is part industrial, part Modern Art and all style!


Vintage Jean Mahie Jade Cuff Bracelet

Mahie does it again with this joyful jade bracelet! Smooth cabochons of vivid green jade pair with a textured design in high karat gold to bring to life the best of both materials in the most interesting and artistic of ways.



From the Beladora Archives: Aurora Lopez Mejia Organic Word Ring

Boutique designer Aurora Lopez Mejia hand-crafts beautiful jewelry – with a message. Each organically formed design features a strong statement that reminds us to live life to the fullest.


From the Beladora Archives: Henry Dunay Diamond Ring

A chic departure from typical Dunay, this bypass ring is a different and dazzling take on diamonds. Textured yellow gold forms a square ring that terminates in a pair of diamonds resting at the top of this architectural style.


From the Beladora Archives: Sapphire and Diamond Ring

High art in jewelry doesn’t mean that there can’t be a whole lot of sparkle too! We love this sapphire ring – designed in the style of Jean Mahie – that uses luscious yellow gold paired with shimmering diamonds and a brilliantly blue center stone.




Vintage Cartier Scroll Ring

Art jewelry makes an impressive statement that isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, a classic piece with a very cool twist can add just the right balance of art and adornment to your style. If you’re looking for the perfect item for the couture creative in your life, we love this chic spiraling scroll ring by Cartier. It’s classic, wearable and unique enough for even the toughest critic!

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