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Marcus and Co. Jewelry

Marcus and Co. Jewelry

From the moment that Marcus & Co. opened in 1892, it was clear that the artistry and skill of the jewelry house was of superior quality. Heavily involved in the American Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements, Marcus & Co. was well known for its intricate and beautiful plique-a-jour enameling work.

As rivals of Tiffany & Co., an emphasis on craftsmanship and aesthetic elevated the fine jewelry creations of Marcus & Co. from the typical styles of the day to some of the most breathtaking of Revivalist jewelry styles. The Revivalist movement was entranced by the exoticism of Egypt, Asia and India and used bright enameling techniques, such as plique-a-jour, to create pieces which were unique in a contemporary landscape of icy diamonds and pale platinum.

Not only did the jewelry house produce brilliant pieces of jewelry, it also produced one of the finest jeweler’s of the 20th Century, Raymond Yard. Yard worked his way through the ranks of Marcus & Co. before striking out on his own. It was from them that he learned all aspects of the industry and polished his fine jewelry making skills.

Marcus & Co. merged with Black, Starr and Frost in 1962 and though the company no longer exists independently, the fine jewelry pieces, especially the enamel ones, created by the jewelry house are still highly collectible. Estate jewelry pieces by Marcus & Co. remain exquisite examples of the sensual styles of the Art Nouveau period.

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