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Marco Bicego Jewelry

Marco Bicego Jewelry

Italian designer Marco Bicego learned his trade at his father’s knee, in the family business. Bicego, Sr., a goldsmith, had established a jewelry company in 1958, which was handed down to his son, who figuratively took the baton and ran with it. Marco established his own brand not quite 20 years ago and today his sensuous, highly wearable jewelry is sold across the globe, in far-flung metropolises such as Riga, Tbilisi, Shanghai, Brisbane, and Santiago as well as the United States. His stylish and tasteful jewelry has a universal appeal; it is highly tactile, sophisticated, and suitable for day or evening.

Based in the jewelry hub of the Veneto region in Italy, the company produces its entire product line in its own factories, and is an almost entirely vertical operation; short of mining stones, Bicego does it all. Stones are something Bicego is very particular about. He notes on the company’s website, “I personally take a lot of care and am very passionate in the choice and composition of each and every stone chosen for the creation of my fine jewelry. The delicate hues and different shades of our exclusively cut, natural gemstones deliver one-of-a-kind individuality to each piece of jewelry.”

marco bicego gemstone necklace

From the Beladora Archives: Marco Bicego Paradise Necklace in 18K

Aside from the generous use of semi-precious stones — everything from tourmalines and amethysts to citrines and topaz — the company has several other signature hallmarks: its hand-twisted, swirling, coiled gold and its hand-engraved 18K surfaces, which are subtle and seductively matte. The brand’s signature hand engraving is achieved with a bulino, a carving tool which imparts an understated, brushed texture to the surface of the metal. Bicego truly embodies the fusion of time-honored craftsmanship and cutting-edge, contemporary design.

The lines are quite diverse, but each bears the stamp of Bicego’s sensibility and personal input. Among the most popular collections are Masai, with twirling, sensual ribbons of hand-coiled gold and diamond accents; Jaipur, featuring bursts of color from specially faceted stones that surprise and delight like fireworks; Lunaria, punctuated with golden petals and subtle stones; and Marrakech, with stackable twisted metals and tiny diamond accents.

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