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Industry Insider: Windsor Smith, Interior Designer and Author

Industry Insider: Windsor Smith, Interior Designer and Author

Whether it’s a room or ring, Smith, the famed decorator to Gwyneth Paltrow (the two live across the street from one another) and a number of other celebrities that make her roster read like an Oscar party invite list, approaches each project based on how the client really wants to live. The result is always a luxe, lived in quality that is of course grand and high end, but functions for a person’s real daily life.


Photo courtesy of @windsorsmithhome

With such an eye for beautiful interiors (her book, Homefront is a perfect capsule of her impressive work), it’s no surprise that Smith also has a deep appreciation for jewelry, both new and old.

Personally, she loves to stack on diamond bangles or a brilliant gold statement necklace paired with a classic button down white shirt or flowy boho-style dress. The look, like her rooms, is always an easy elegance, the same attractive quality that has her global clientele clamoring for her magic touch.

Here, Smith shares her history with style and jewelry and what inspires her everyday work.

Your style is as striking as your interiors. When did you become interested in fashion and jewelry?
At the age of five — since I was a toddler and old enough to twirl.


Photo courtesy of @windsorsmithhome

How would you describe your personal style?
Classic and comfortable with a lot of emphasis on accessories.

Does your clothing aesthetic reflect your interior aesthetic and vice versa?
Definitely, I love all metals, particularly warm golds. I have always loved reflected elements. Anything with a prominence and things that sparkle.


Photo courtesy of @windsorsmithhome

There is an easy and effortless luxury to your work, do you feel fine and high-end jewelry can be worn in this grounded way?
Absolutely, my favorite example of that is a rose gold Rolex worn with Zara skinny jeans. A daily staple of mine.

Do you wear jewelry everyday?
Yes, absolutely!

How would you describe your jewelry choices and aesthetic?
Both tailored and Bohemian. I love a classic watch. You can never have enough Indian old mine ​cut diamond bangles.

Has jewelry ever inspired one of your rooms or furniture design?
I mostly use jewelry as elements of inspiration. When designing my lighting collection for Arteriors, my Hera Mirror sconce was inspired by a deco faceted watch bezel.

What do you think about estate jewelry?
I love anything with a history, a craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the fact that there usually is not a second of its kind makes estate jewelry really alluring to me.

How do you wear estate jewelry to make it look more modern?
Always pair it with a crisp white tuxedo shirt.

Do you have a favorite or very special piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value?
I have a few. I have a French Deco diamond and platinum pinky ring that I live for, and a Georgian mourning ring that I couldn’t live without.

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