Crown Jewels — Resplendent Regal Looks

Crown Jewels — Resplendent Regal Looks

This week, the world waited breathlessly for the arrival of the newest scion of the British royal family and on July 22, 2013 a son was born to the Windsor family. As the only child of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, the new baby — named his Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge — is now third in line to the throne. The royal birth was a moment of joy for the United Kingdom as the newest royal in a long dynasty (dating back to the Hanoverian reign of the early 18th century) was introduced to the nation.

Antique Edwardian Crown Brooch

Antique Edwardian Crown Brooch

All royal families possess coffers of precious jewelry and loose jewels. Beautiful, elaborate jewelry has been a status symbol for centuries and, as a physical representation of power, these gorgeous creations have adorned queens and princesses from the Indian maharanis to Russian tsarinas and empresses. These impressive collections often feature important gemstones and diamonds such as: the historic Princie diamond (a rare pink Golconda that recently sold at a Christie’s auction for a record-breaking $39+ million), the Beau Sancy (owned by illustrious royals such as Marie de Medicis and the Prussian House of Hohenzollern), the famed Cullinan diamonds of the British Crown Jewels, and the storied Hope diamond (which was once the impressive Tavernier Blue owned by Louis XIV, the Sun King, of France). Yet, amassing major collections of jewelry and gems was as much an important economic move as it was a show of power.

Cynthia Bach Diamond and Pearl Crown Ring

Cynthia Bach Diamond and Pearl Crown Ring

Until the last century, much of the world functioned in a state of near-constant instability. Precious jewels have often served a dual function of ornament and currency and this is certainly true for royal households. In the event of revolution or war, an important gemstone is an easy – and, more importantly, easily transported – method of retaining wealth. As gems have an internationally recognized material value, any stone could be hidden and later sold in times of crisis. Furthermore, if the crown should become insolvent or should a monarch need to provide financing for a particular endeavor (such as the Spanish expedition of Christopher Columbus, financed by the sale of some of Queen Isabella’s jewelry), the sale or transfer of some items of these carefully amassed collections proved a usable financial asset. Royal jewels, therefore, hold real importance as an economic asset even as they continue to act as an embellishment to emperors and the like.

Garrard Diamond Crown Earrings

Garrard Diamond Crown Earrings

The Crown Jewels of the English monarchy are internationally famous. Including impressive crowns, as well as the famed scepter and orb used in royal coronations, the British Crown Jewels contain not only some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry ever crafted but also some of the most important gemstones and diamonds ever discovered. Of course, the latest and most precious addition to the British monarchy is the newborn prince and, in honor of this special birth, we’ve put together some “crown” jewels of our own that will make any woman feel like a princess!

Art Deco Diamond Crown Brooch

A lovely choice from the Art Deco period, this diamond crown brooch is an elegant and understated way of adding a touch of regal style to your look. A foliate motif bedecked in diamonds set in bezel, prong and pave mountings recreates the classic elegance of many royal diadems and tiaras – designs that are as feminine as they are stately.

“Coronation” Earrings in Black Onyx and Diamond by Garrard

Jeweler to the British crown for the past 150 years, Garrard has been responsible for some of the finest pieces of jewelry in the world – including several royal crowns. Of course, not everyone can own a magnificent royal jewel but, luckily, Garrard continues to create beautiful things to make any regular woman feel regal. We love these contemporary “Coronation” earrings by the British brand. Crafted in inky black onyx crossed by two lines of diamonds, this round style is inspired by the Sovereign’s Orb – a golden ball used in the coronation ceremony.

Vintage “Crown Jewels” Charm Necklace

A less lofty way to add a majestic feel to your everyday look, this “Crown Jewels” charm necklace is a fun option. A pair of unique, vintage gold charms from around the 1960’s include a British Beefeater and a royal crown that are strung from a simple chain necklace in a style that has become majorly popular in recent years.

Vintage “It’s Good To Be King” Charm Necklace

Another fun vintage style, this “It’s Good To Be King” charm necklace will put the crowning touch on your daily style. An ornate crown charm from the 1960’s is strung on a simple gold necklace for an easy look that will make sure you feel like a princess.

Whether you prefer an impressive imperial look or prefer something subtle yet stately, royalty inspired jewelry is both fun and fabulous. And, from the team, we offer a heartfelt congratulations to the royal couple on the birth of their adorable new son, Prince George!

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