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One of the most prestigious and notable fashion houses in the world, Chanel first launched its fine jewelry collection during the 1930s under the guidance of its founder, Coco Chanel. Inspired by the constellations, these incredible designs included a fringe necklace that could also be worn as a tiara, a diamond brooch in the shape of a star, and the magnificent “Comète” necklace with a diamond star at one end and a cascade of diamonds at the other.

As the designer who took fashion in a more understated and streamlined direction following the more femininely embellished designs of the “Belle Époque”, Chanel rose to the ranks of a premier fashion designer with a reputation for creating designs that were both elegant and comfortable that not only included couture clothing, but jewelry and accessories alike.
While her clothing designs were known for their subtle color palette, sleek look and lean silhouette, her taste in jewelry was bold and theatrical. For Chanel it was never just a single strand of pearls but multiple pearl sautoirs looped loosely around her neck. Chanel is famous for her admiration of pearls and was often photographed wearing them.

In a stroke of genius she hired the legendary Italian Duke Fulco di Verdura, who created some of Chanel’s most desired and recognizable jewelry, including the multicolored stone encrusted Maltese Cross brooch and cuff bangle bracelet.

The jewelry created by the House of Chanel, including the “Constellation” and “Comets” creations as well as the colorful pieces designed by Verdura, are as desirable today as they were in the 1930s.

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