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Louis Vuitton Jewelry

Louis Vuitton Jewelry

For well over a century, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has been synonymous with exceptional quality and the highest echelons of fashion. The signature LV monogram is a symbol recognized throughout the world. Though the company began as a maker of travel accessories – steamers, trunks and other items of luggage for the stylish – it quickly began fashioning luxury handbags using the signature brown and beige checkerboard, or the monogrammed LV canvas. By the 1970’s, the brand was well-established and beloved around the world.

With the addition of famed designer Marc Jacobs in 1998 as artistic director of the firm, the company began to branch out in ever more contemporary and couture directions. One of those directions was in the creation of a fine jewelry department. The very first item of haute joaillerie created was a lovely charm bracelet in glowing yellow gold. The piece, designed by Marc Jacobs, featured exquisite recreations in precious metals and gemstones of iconic Louis Vuitton symbols. Parisian inspired charms, such as the gold and diamond Eiffel Tower charm, and travel themed charms, such as a pink opal keepall charm or an onyx steamer charm, graced the luxe link bracelet.

Louis Vuitton’s haute jewelry collections, including the iconic Emprise collection which features signature looks such as the Clous, have often been inspired by the artistic genius of important collaborators. Marc Jacobs, the celebrated designer, helped introduce the jewelry line. Lorenze Baumer, a jewelry artist of incredible talent who has gained world-wide fame for his masterpieces, has collaborated on a number of collections including the L’Ame Du Voyage and Les Ardentes collections. The impeccable craftsmanship combined with the highest quality materials has resulted in exclusive items which are truly magnificent. The brand takes such care with details that they have even created their own special diamond, the LV cut diamond, which is cut into the shape of the monogram flower and includes a large number of facets for exceptional brilliance.

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