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Industry Insider: Jessica de Ruiter

Industry Insider: Jessica de Ruiter

The Stylist is a Study in Timeless, Easy Elegance.

It can be argued that the street style stars who peacock outside of fashion shows are prime inspiration for people’s wardrobe choices, but it’s the timeless and relaxed vibe of women like Jessica de Ruiter that manages to cut through the clutter of trends, and last well beyond the current season.

The Los Angeles-based stylist’s personal look is heavily coveted and copied by the women who follow her on Instagram and on the many digital profiles documenting her sartorial choices (not to mention her gorgeous home), and why not? It’s consistent, effortless and imbues not just fancy labels and trendy silhouettes, but a thoughtful aesthetic and shapes that work for the wearer, not only the runway.

So, it’s no surprise that de Ruiter’s jewelry choices follow suit. She currently wears only yellow gold Cartier and Tiffany & Co. and adores Harry Winston. The classics, of course.

Here, the stylist shares her first jewelry memories and the next pieces she plans to acquire. (Hint: She can’t get enough Cartier. But really, who can?)

Do you recall the first time you remember falling in love with jewelry? And the particular piece?

My first connection to jewelry is from my early childhood. My mom always wore a men’s sized Cartier Tank watch and a plain gold bangle her parents gave her on her 21st birthday. That’s it. No rings, no earrings (she does not have pierced ears and neither do I). The simplicity of those two pieces together on one wrist most likely informed my sensibility and the way I wear and style it today – a little masculine/feminine…easy elegance.

Do you have a favorite era that you’re most drawn to?

I do like the pieces to look timeless so I suppose the answer is no

Are there certain types of pieces you collect or seem to have most of?

Most of my jewelry is a gift from family or related to family in some way. I wear pretty much my entire jewelry collection every day. it is very modest. And it’s all yellow gold.
1. Cartier Knot ring
2. Tiffany’s men’s oval signet ring
3. Tiffany’s solid bangle
4. Tiffany’s ‘J’ pendant & chain necklace that I bought for myself when my daughter, James, was born
5. My mom’s Cartier Tank watch and oval bangle

Everything I collect is very simple and minimal in design.

Where does jewelry come into your process when prepping for a shoot?

It is always the final step. Once the clothes are decided upon and confirmed then jewelry can be selected accordingly. However, I usually end up choosing the same understated pieces regardless of what the styling direction is.

Who are some of your go-to brands and why?

I love the classics… Cartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston.

What are some of your recent favorite jewelry moments you’ve had on set/at work?

When I have fine jewelry on set, I always seem to request a tennis bracelet, tennis necklace and simple circular diamond stud earrings to have on hand. It’s kind of my go-to formula and it always works with the look regardless of whether it’s a pair of vintage Levis and a t-shirt, a sexy swimsuit or a gorgeous ball gown.

You have such singular and impeccable taste — is there a piece you’ve been dreaming of for yourself?

I have the Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet and Tiffany’s Paloma Picasso Melody Ring on my personal wish list…

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