Celestial Sparkle — Lunar Luxuries to Inspire your Style

Antique Victorian Crescent Moon Brooch

This week, we were offered a celestial surprise in the Blood Moon lunar eclipse! The term “blood moon” refers to the reddish hue the Moon takes on when passing through Earth’s shadow during a total eclipse. This particular heavenly event marks the beginning of a tetrad – a series of four eclipses that will occur through September of next year.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse (photo: Alaska, Staff Sgt Brehl Garza)

Since the dawn of Mankind, humanity has been entranced with the Cosmos. The endlessly cycling splendor of stars and planetary bodies through the sky has inspired devotion and wonder throughout the world. In pantheistic religions, celestial bodies are often aligned with deities while the fascination of the stars has prompted scientific advances since Greco-Roman times.

Antique Victorian Diamond Crescent Moon Brooch

Antique Victorian Diamond Crescent Moon Brooch

The shimmering majesty of the heavens has long inspired jewelry design. The stars, twinkling against the inky backdrop resemble pure white diamonds, while colorful planets seem to be glowing gems. Though these designs have been prominent throughout history, perhaps the most beautiful lunar luxuries are from the Victorian era – a time when spiritualism, sentimentality, nostalgia and the mysteries of the occult underlay the culture.

Renee Lewis Antique Victorian Diamond Crescent with Snake

Renee Lewis Antique Victorian Diamond Crescent with Snake

The taste for cosmic creations continues to this day with designers from Chanel to H.Stern forging fresh takes on an iconic motif. Whatever your personal taste is, there is a a wonderful jewel out there perfect for giving you gorgeous galactic style!

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