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Carnet Jewelry

Carnet Jewelry

Carnet is an exclusive Hong Kong based design firm, co-founded in 1985 by Avi Nagar and the internationally celebrated jewelry designer, Michelle Ong. Carnet’s exquisite and unique limited edition jewelry designs have been worn by Hollywood’s most elite. Michelle Ong combines Eastern and Western artistic influences in her jewelry designs, adhering to her own innate sense of style rather than imitating other jewelry designers. Often featuring striking floral motifs in daring designs, Carnet jewelry pieces are unique masterpieces and each design is made in limited quantity. Despite their limited availability and high price tag, the gorgeous creations by Michelle Ong for Carnet remain in high demand amongst her clientele.

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We guarantee the authenticity of every piece we sell.

We ensure, based on extensive jewelry market review, that our prices are second to none.

We provide a painless 60-day return policy with free shipping both ways.

Peace of mind. Guaranteed. Period.

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