A Golden Gait — Celebrate the Year of the Horse in Style!

David Webb White Enamel Horse Bracelet

2014 ushers in the Year of the Wooden Horse – so get ready for twelve months of fast-paced action and adventure!

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse is a symbol of travel, competitiveness and victory. It presides over decisive and successful interactions, making it one of the most favored of all signs. The Year of the Horse augurs good tidings for career successes, adventures in travel and romance! Due to the horse’s long-standing association with the aristocracy and upper-classes (from times in which fine horses were owned almost exclusively by nobles), the zodiacal Horse often represents nobility; and those born under this sign are thought to be ambitious, striving and especially successful in leadership roles.

The Horse is correlated to the Western Zodiac sign of Gemini – both are highly energetic, fun-loving, and, most importantly, very sociable. Horses, as creatures, are pack animals who enjoy being the center of attention. They tend to be loyal, loving and very aware of relationships. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse is associated with the color red and because of this – and it’s sociability – the sign presides over successful relationships… particularly romantic ones!

Furthermore, each year is assigned both a Zodiac sign (which is already assigned an element) and an element that either inhibits or exacerbates the attributes of the presiding sign. The Horse, because of its passionate energy, is associated with fire and the element for this year is wood. As fire and wood are complementary elements, we can expect 2014 to be full of fun, adventure, success and love! All in all, things should move at a gallop for most of the year!

Celebrate the Year of the Horse in style with horse-inspired jewelry that is sure to bring you a little luck !

The Thoroughbred


From the Beladora Archives: David Webb Enamel Horse Bracelet

An American classic in majorly high style, this white enameled bracelet by beloved designer David Webb is the ultimate in equine luxury!

Dressed for Dressage


From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Cartier Equestrian Brooch

A sporty Sixties style from Cartier, this vintage brooch features everything an elegant equestrienne would desire – chic gemstone helmet, golden horseshoes and a gilded crop.

Wild at Heart

Tiffany and Company Horse Brooch

From the Beladora Archives: Tiffany & Co. Horse Brooch

A golden beauty, this horse brooch by Tiffany and Co. brings the vivid energy of a wild horse to life in a wonderfully luxurious way.

Horse Sense


From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Horse Charm with Pearls

A Mid-Century charm that won’t break the bank, this large pearl encrusted horse charm is ideal for wearing on your favorite charm bracelet or as a tres cool vintage pendant!

A Gift Horse


From the Beladora Archives: Diamond Horse Ring

A pretty pony to liven up your look, this diamonds set horse ring in yellow gold is the easy way to bring corral-chic to your style!

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