Super Sparkle - Chic Jewels with a Comic Twist!

Kieselstein-Cord Green Tourmaline and Rubellite Ring

Southern California has been abuzz with talk of the International Comic Convention held annually in San Diego, California. Containing numerous exhibits for television and film studios, artists, video game platforms, and, of course, comics, the massive convention is known for both actual stars discussing their heroic (or villainous) roles as well as individuals who choose to come costumed as those characters. From Batman and Wonder Woman to Iron Man and the Marvel Avengers, these costumed crusaders have inspired imaginations for decades – and helped to shape numerous fashion shoots and Geek Chic collections.

Here’s a few of our favorite items for adding a little superhero sparkle to your look!

Iron Man around Town

Van Cleef and Arpels Ruby Batonnet Dress Set

Playboy billionaire Tony Stark – and his superhero alter-ego Iron Man – battles bad guys and boredom alike with some serious suavity! Taking inspiration from his famous red and gold suit, we can totally picture a tuxedoed Tony rocking these ultra-chic ruby and gold studs and cufflinks from the famed Van Cleef & Arpels.

Wonder Woman Wow-Factor

From the Beladora Archives: Jean Mahie Charming Monsters Cuff in 22K

The perennially popular superheroine Wonder Woman is known as much for her sublime strength as for the pair of indestructible golden cuffs that wreathe her wrists. As princess of the ancient tribe of warrior-women known as the Amazons, we think Wonder Woman would be wowed by the archaic stylings and glowing high-karat gold of this impressive Charming Monsters cuff bracelet by artisanal designer Jean Mahie.

The Glow of Green Lantern

From the Beladora Archives: Kieselstein-Cord Green Tourmaline and Rubellite Ring

The Green Lantern is more than a mere hero – instead, it is a number of heroes all called by the title and all connected by their desire to fight evil with the help of identical glowing green gemstone rings. We can’t all have magic rings as superhero statement pieces but we think the intergalactic guardians of the Green Lantern Corps would definitely appreciate the gorgeous color and bold design of this Kieselstein-Cord ring!

The Dark (and Dashing!) Knight

From the Beladora Archives: Antique Horn Mask Cufflinks

A fan favorite since the Forties, Batman is easily one of the most iconic of all superheroes. When he’s not prowling the streets of Gotham in his signature bat-suit, mask and cape, he’s stalking through the glittering galas of high society under his true name, Bruce Wayne. What better way to stay true to his super side than by wearing these antique mask cufflinks at his wrists? We think Alfred would approve!

Cat(Walk) Woman

Cartier Panther Earrings

Though her morals may be questionable, Catwoman’s style is consistently fab! Changing from hero to villain with the bat of a perfectly groomed eyelash, this pretty kitty is nothing short of fierce; and we know she’d love the ultra-luxe craftsmanship and convertible style of these posh panther earrings from Cartier… They’re purrrfect!

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