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Kelly Osbourne Primetime Emmy Awards

“We Write to Taste Life Twice” – Anais Nin

Celebrate the literary luminaries in your life with the finest writing instruments. Whether they’re a Byron or a Bukowski, an Austen or an Atwood, a beautifully crafted pen is sure to please the writer in your life!

Modern Metropolis

Cartier Santos Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Taking a cue from the forward-moving cultural changes that sprung from the ashes of the Industrial Revolution, the movement into the modern era resulted in an intellectual fascination with all things technological. With the continuous tech updates that mark our contemporary world, mankind has developed a closely interdependent relationship with machinery both within our literary pursuits (especially within Science Fiction) and within our daily lives. Streamlined yet striking, industrial and manufacturing motifs such as plating and screwheads lend a modern tone to this chic Cartier pen that is simultaneously contemporary and an homage to our industrial past.

Eastern Inspiration

Cartier Art Deco Chinese Prestige Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Japanese literary culture celebrates the concept of “Mono No Aware” which translates to “the pathos of things.” It inspires one to pay attention and appreciate the small details of life: the simple pleasure of a cup of tea, the smoothness of a delicate textile against one’s skin, the delicacy of a single drop of dew on a freshly bloomed flower. This Cartier Art Deco pen is alive with details that bring both the Art Deco era and it’s adoration of Eastern cultures brilliantly to life. From the bright coral set cap to the Chinoiserie inspired symbols, this fountain pen is a thing of beauty ideal for crafting your own beautiful sentiments.

A Love Letter

Cartier Limited Edition Pink Guilloche Watch Pen

For centuries, the art of journaling and letter writing thrived. Much of our understanding of social history has been garnered from the vast amount of personal correspondence that remains from bygone times. Particularly, women – both authors and not – have a long-standing history of keeping the genteel practices of letter-writing alive. Harken back to a more traditional era with the fine pink enameling and charming design of this Cartier watch pen and put to practice your own penmanship.

To Travel

Cartier La Dona Alligator Fountain Pen

Throughout history and across the globe, the travelogue genre – that is fictional or factual accounts of a journey – has had resounding and continuous success. Offering a window to exotic places, intrepid personalities and thrilling adventure, travel literature has inspired millions to dream of far-flung locales and new experiences… and even to go so far as to embark on adventures of their own! Though this Cartier La Dona pen is inspired by the iconic and colorful Mexican screen star, Maria Felix, it creates a sense of adventure and exoticism reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling or accounts of adventures. We can’t all travel across the world but this Cartier pen will certainly invoke your own sense of wanderlust!

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