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Vintage Art Deco Diamond Crown Brooch

The wildly popular HBO television show Game of Thrones had its fourth season premiere last night — to a record-setting 6.6 million viewers! The fantasy show — replete with incredibly complex political relationships, enough action to satisfy even the most martial-minded viewer, luxurious fashions and, of course, dragons — has embedded itself firmly into the popular culture and looks to stay there for many years to come.

Based on a series of fantasy books by novelist George R. R. Martin, the show simultaneously utilizes and subverts classic sword-and-sorcery tropes while creating a fascinating world populated by realistic characters. The series opened with a nation, Westeros, on the precipice of major political change as the ruling king, Robert Baratheon, dies and his heir’s claim to the Iron Throne is mired in scandal and doubt. From all corners of Westeros, contenders to the throne arise and the country is immersed in a full-blown civil war — a war that is made more complicated by the frequency with which various noble houses switch sides.

Vintage Sword Brooch

Vintage Sword Brooch

The teenage Joffrey Baratheon, supposed son of King Robert and his wife Queen Cersei (nee Lannister), inherits the crown. Yet, his parentage is suspect — in truth, he is the product of an incestuous bond between his mother and her own twin brother, Jaime Lannister. This creates a war throughout the land that pits nobles against nobles and allows long-standing vendettas to be avenged in blood.

Meanwhile, on another continent, an exiled princess, Daenerys, raises an army. As the last of the Targaryens, the former long-ruling house of Westeros, her position is precarious and fraught with dangers. Through what amounts to a miracle, Daenerys hatches and raises a trio of dragons, the traditional sigil and familiars of her family line. While traveling through the exotic locales of the east, she conquers and liberates all with an eye on reclaiming the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Of course, beyond the incredibly exciting plot of the show, there is plenty of fashion eye candy! The luxe costuming and set design have inspired real-world runway collections to put a modern twist on medieval styles. Each noble house has its own unique, instantly recognizable style.

We’ve picked some jewels we think would be perfect for several of the most important houses!

House Baratheon – Ours Is the Fury

From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Stag Brooch

The sigil of House Baratheon is a powerful stag showcasing the brood’s warlike tendencies. With the death of King Robert Baratheon, his brothers Stannis and Renly both became contenders for the throne. Each managed to successfully raise an army, though the charming Renly was killed by a supernatural creature conjured by Stannis’ advisor.

From the Beladora Archives: Theo Fennell Fire Opal Ring

The somber Stannis is a recent convert to the religion of the Lord of Light, a fire deity. With the help of his priestess and advisor Melisandre, he represents a significant threat and a strong contender for king. His campaign is marked by the belief in his divine right to the throne as the chosen servant of his god.

House Lannister – Hear Me Roar!

From the Beladora Archives: Antique Victorian Lion’s Head Brooch

The Lannisters are major power-players. As one of the wealthiest houses (they own the nation’s gold mines), they have managed to buy (or marry into) many of the noble families. As the traditional Wardens of the West, House Lannister is responsible for the stewardship of nearly a quarter of the country. Cunning patriarch Tywin has his hands in many pies while his daughter, Queen Cersei, and sons Jaime and the dwarf Tyrion, each play strong roles in the forefront (and behind the scenes) of the nation’s politics.

From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Van Cleef and Arpels Lion Ebouiriffe Brooch

Unfortunately, House Lannister has myriad internal issues. The current king and easily the most hated of the characters, Joffrey, is the spawn of his mother and her twin’s incest. Tywin and Tyrion are barely on speaking terms at the best of times and the current civil war has strained their relationship to its limit. The Lannister position of power is precarious at best, in spite of the clan’s arrogance and bravado.

House Tyrell – Growing Strong

From the Beladora Archives: Eclat Pink Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

The devious denizens of House Tyrell, Wardens of the South, hail from the verdant agricultural center of Westeros. This handsome clan is populated by rabid social climbers — with a very strong sense of self-preservation. The young Margaery Tyrell, the widow of self-proclaimed “king” Renly Baratheon, marries King Joffrey, yet cultivates friendship with the hostage Lady Sansa Stark…enemy of the Lannisters.

From the Beladora Archives: Floral Enamel Chain in 20K

To complement the Tyrells’ ambition, the family works very hard to stretch its roots to all corners of the nation — perfectly manifesting their house motto, “Growing Strong.”

House Stark – Winter Is Coming

From the Beladora Archives: Chanel Rutilated Quartz and Diamond Cristaux Glaces Ring

The Wardens of the North (and definitely one of the favored groups of the series), House Stark has had a tumultuous run of it throughout the show. With the death of the patriarch, Ned, the family became caught up in multiple treasons and battles. Scion Robb claims kingship in the North, while his sister Sansa is held as a well-kept political hostage with the Lannisters. Robb’s half-brother, Jon Snow, devotes himself to an ascetic brotherhood that guards the borders of the far north.

From the Beladora Archives: Oliver Smith Diamond Stardust Cuff in Sterling Silver

Each of the Stark children has a constant companion in a direwolf, the sigil of the house. Though the younger brood — bellicose Arya, psychic Bran and toddler Rickon — are scattered across the country, each is pursuing a quest that will doubtless prove very important to the story. And, as the house motto proclaims, “Winter Is Coming” — summer in Westeros is nearing an end and both the Starks and winter will come to power (we hope!) in the future.

House Targaryen – Fire and Blood

From the Beladora Archives: Double Dragon Pendant with Emerald Eyes

House Targaryen has fallen on hard times. The last Targaryen king of Westeros was slain in an uprising and the family was killed off until only two young children remained, and they lived in impoverished exile on the neighboring continent. The heir, Viserys, was killed by his younger sister Daenerys’ husband, Khal Drogo, who later died. Daenerys then came into possession of three dragons — the sigil of her house.

From the Beladora Archives: Cartier Baiser du Dragon Earrings

Pale-haired, beautiful Dany, as she is known, has accrued armies and loyal followers throughout her journeys in the east. As her dragons grow, so does her power — power she hopes to use to take back the Iron Throne, her ancestral legacy.

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