Award Winning Accessories — Our Favorite Types of Oscar Season Sparkles

Moonstone and Diamond Earrings

If there was ever an occasion best suited for bringing on the bling, it is definitely the Academy Awards! Shining stars and starlets bring the most splendid sparkle to the red carpet with bigger, better and more beautiful jewels. The major design houses (we’re looking at you, Cartier, Tiffany and Van Cleef) are sure to be well represented, while independent jewelers such as JAR and estate jewels from the likes of Fred Leighton always make an impact.

These exceptional jewels, styled to perfection, twinkle nearly as brightly as the evening’s nominees. Here are five of our favorite styles of jewelry that we hope will make a splash on this years red carpet!

1. Black Swan

From the Beladora Archives: H Stern Victoria Diamond Flower Earrings

Lush and elegant, these dramatic earrings provide an abundance of romance – yet still create the sensation of dancing with the dark. We can expect adventurous actresses to make a splash on the red carpet with statement making jewels with eye-catching designs.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

From the Beladora Archives: Tiffany & Co. Cobblestone Bracelet

Clean lines in perfect platinum are hallmarks of Tiffany’s jaw-dropping jewels. Pairing feminine designs, such as the recently crafted Gatsby collection, with stupendous sparkle, we can expect a stellar showing of decadent diamonds by this classic American brand adorning A-list actresses.

3. Camelot

Suite of Moonstone Jewelry

As ethereal and enchanting as a fairy princess, romantic figural jewelry is always in fashion at important events. We’re hoping for full cut ballgowns paired with sumptuous jewels to show up on Hollywood Royalty.

4. The French Connection

Cartier Diamond Walking Panther Bracelet

Guaranteed to dazzle, the delicious designs of world-famous French brand Cartier are always winners at the Academy Awards. The ever-popular creations of Cartier remain as fashionable and fierce as the iconic panther motif.

5. Goldfinger

Impressive Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Impressive Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring

The iconic Oscar statue won’t be the only gilded thing this weekend! Though diamonds set the standard at star-studded awards shows, we hope to see some of the attendees really going for the gold – and going for the gorgeous colors of gemstones!

Bonus for the Boys: Goodfellas

Sapphire and Diamond Dress Set

When the Oscar’s roll around, even the gentleman indulge in gems! A splendid dress set will sparkle under spotlights and we hope that the apex of the awards season results in ever more exquisite jewels on our favorite actors!

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