A Charmed Life

Vintage Gold Charms

Charms have had a long-standing cultural significance – they are both baubles and talismans and are usually imbued with strong sentiments. Queen Victoria, for example, famously owned many charm bracelets including one set with differently colored enameled heart lockets each representing one of her children. Prior to that, diminutive pendants and amulets were worn as talismans – literally, “charms” in the magical sense.

Vintage Large Gemstone Charm Bracelet

Vintage Retro Charm Bracelet

From the Victorian era onward, charms have most commonly be found on bracelets. Usually, a collection of highly individualized charms will be suspended from a plain link bracelet to create wearable mementos of important places, people or events. The Edwardian era and Art Deco periods were not particularly well known for charms – though there are some very, very fine Deco examples. It was in the Retro and Mid-Century periods that the fashion for charm bracelets regained popularity. Styles of charm bracelet ranged from link bracelets suspended entirely with charms as well as bracelets that featured a single, typically large charm.

From the Beladora Archives: Vintage “Crown Jewels” Charm Necklace

In the past few years, charms have made a fashionable resurgence. Many designers have found these diminutive, figural jewels to be the perfect modern expression of individuality. To that end, charm necklaces have appeared everywhere from runways and film reels to magazine pages and stylish locals.

Cartier Charm Bracelet

The great thing about charms is that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to show your love for your favorite hobby or animal, or you want to commemorate an important life event, chances are there is a vintage charm perfect for adding to your personal jewel collection.

Here are some of our favorite unique charms!

An Apple A Day

Louis Vuitton Big Apple Charm

Louis Vuitton “Big Apple” Charm

A Little Bit of Bubbly

From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Champagne Bottle and Bucket Charm

The Noir Car

Vintage Car Charm in Sterling Silver

I Spy

From the Beladora Archives: Vintage Binoculars Charm

For Your Amusement

From the Beladora Archives: Movable Enameled Ferris Wheel Charm

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