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Aaron Basha

Aaron Basha, a third-generation jeweler, hailing from the Middle East, was an expert diamond-cutter by age 16. When he immigrated to the United States, jewelry was his natural calling. While he made more traditional pieces and had a solid grounding in classic lines, over 20 years ago he struck gold when he fashioned a petite baby shoe to commemorate the birth of a grandchild. That diminutive shoe spawned virtually hundreds of other shoes that are now the sought-after charms and good-luck amulets which are the bedrock of Basha’s business. Sold in hundreds of boutiques and department stores worldwide and at the company’s Madison Avenue flagship in New York City, they are available in countless models — with bows, with oxford ties, with Mary Jane straps, with trendy spikes, with loafer or even brogue closures, and as a sports-shoe/sneaker. They are available in 18K yellow and white gold, pavé-set with diamonds or sapphires, and tinted with rich, dense enamel pigments—hot fuchsia, gentle azure, radiant lemon, blazing poppy, tender rose, and so on.

aaron basha baby shoe enamel cuff links

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The baby shoes are often bought simply as charms for a bracelet, or for dangling on a necklace, or even to attach to a safety-pin-style brooch. The entire Basha charm collection is vast and includes everything from ladybugs, frogs, flowers, and tiny airplanes to baseballs, bunnies, butterflies, clowns, mini-trains, and fish. These designs also appear as stations on gold chain necklaces.

Another in-depth themed collection is based on the evil eye, the turquoise-blue, white, and black symbol that is reworked and redesigned in so many ways today. Basha has created hundreds of incarnations of the evil eye — in bracelets, charms, earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, and more — fashioned and updated with enamel, sapphires, mother-of-pearl, opals, and the like. The firm has also reconceived another icon from the Middle East—the hand of Fatima or the hamsa — and has an extensive line of jewelry based on that motif.

Combined, the line’s whimsy and delightful statements reinforce the corporate mantra and trademark: Forever Young.


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