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Henry Dunay Jewelry — The Golden Age
Henry Dunay Jewelry — The Golden Age

There are many facets to the fine jewelry of American brand Henry Dunay — both literally and figuratively!

Henry Dunay is recognized as one of the most elite goldsmiths in the United States. Dunay began his career at the young age of 14 as an apprentice for a goldsmith. He launched his own design company in 1965, focusing on creating designs with soft, rounded lines combined with textured finishes to provide the pieces with sensual fluidity and movement.

Dunay is best known for his beautiful faceted gold designs.

Henry Dunay Facets Earrings in 18K Yellow Gold

From the Beladora Archives: “Facets” Earrings

Pairing sensual designs with tactile texturing, the elegant stylings of Dunay have become both recognizable and beloved. The Sabi finish, a luxurious brushed gold texture that is achieved via hand-etching of individual lines, highlights the glorious blend of organic design and a sculptural style. The Facets collection features a hand-hammered finish that mimics the intense faceting of a gemstone to give warm gold a glimmering mirror-sheen feel.

Henry Dunay Diamond Necklace

From the Beladora Archives: Henry Dunay Diamond Necklace

The brand is also well-known for using fine gemstones, including high quality diamonds, in both its fine jewelry and intricately crafted objets d’art.

Henry Dunay ‘Sabi’ Earrings

The jewelry of Henry Dunay was strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic principle of Wabi-Sabi — a virtually untranslatable concept that revolves around a sense of transience and natural imperfection. Focusing on an organic ideal of beauty that displays natural flaws, Wabi-Sabi is most notably expressed in Dunay’s famed Sabi finish. The hand-etched texture is necessarily unique to each piece and evocative of the natural changes that occur with organic materials over time.


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